Who We Are

Dream Theatre is located in what was formally known as the Butler High School Theatre in Huntsville, Alabama. The Theatre has undergone renovations, updates, and there are much more to come!

Although this year has been filled with unprecedented circumstances that have affected our entire nation; Dream Theatre was able to open its door to many local dance studio owners and allow their students the opportunity to dance safely in front of a live audience.

We are honored to restore life to a space that once and now will continue to hold a special place in the heart of our community. Dream Theatre would love to host next performance, concert, or business meeting; with many more exciting things to come.

Together we can gather the dreamers and create a world of wonder for all to experience.



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  • To supply quality, life giving entertainment that uplifts and inspires generations young and old.
  • To build a community among creatives, storytellers and dreamers while seeking to impact the lives and development of all those we encounter.
  • To awaken wonder in a people who hear and recognize the sound of new dawn – refining and re-defining today’s culture for tomorrow’s dreamers.